Thursday, May 11, 2017

GOODNIGHT Wimpy Little Steve (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) by MC Steve

The perfect choice for any young Minecraft lover, Wimpy Little Steve is a whimsical tale of bravery and determination. 

Adventure abounds as Steve sets out to make his own way in the world – however, ghasts, zombies and skeletons are going bump in the night at his every turn. 

A full-colored bedtime book packed with awesome illustrations. 

Grab Your First Ever Minecraft Fan-Fiction Bedtime Story Today.

                                                                 MY REVIEW:

Very good story. Children will flip over the illustrations why? Minecraft characters, galore however Wimpy Little Steve need a bit of help here. How can he overcome his fears? Blocky believe in Steve, does Steve believe in himself? Zombies and Skeleton, Witches, Ender Dragons, have to stop them. Night becomes a nightmare for Wimpy Little Steve and Blocky, run they must, run they do. This has to stop but how? You must read this story to find out how Steve solve his dilemma. Children will definitely enjoy everything this book has to offer. Simple reading and lessons learned. But what I got from reading this story, "Believe in yourself!" Thank you to the author for a free digital download in exchange for a review. Thank you!

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