Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Perfect Pumpkin by Teandra Knapp

Illustrated by Teandra Knapp & Sabrina Pichardo

Through this heartwarming story of Holiday traditions, a mother is reminded through the heart of her daughter to love and embrace differences. This is a great reminder to all of us we need to celebrate and encourage all our gifts of uniqueness.
Paperback42 pages
Published October 22nd 2016 by Beautiful Wife Publishing

How cute is this? Simple story that carries a sweet message involving a visit to a pumpkin patch and finding the "perfect" pumpkin. Illustration children will relate to and sentences spaced to not overload a child mind when they decide to read each word for themselves. I for one understand finding the perfect pumpkin because I spent many hours in the scorching heat with the little ones
(they were in a wagon and under an umbrella) and leaving the pumpkin patch with (?). The message I got, made me think and go, "ahh. . ." Pick up The Perfect Pumpkin and read it to your little one, or better yet parents read it for yourself I know the message will make your heart go soft.  The author was kind enough to mail a physical book in exchange for a review, awesome😄 Thank you!

                                                                                The Author:

Teandra Knapp is married to her best friend Luis and together they have 7 children. She loves to write about their crazy life adventures and in doing so, she hopes you will be encouraged by their messy non-perfect life. Teandra is an Author, Teacher, Nurse, Artist, Blogger, Leader, and the most important she would say is an encourager to others. She loves to drink Blue Star coffee and her favorite food is Mexican. She lives in Gilbert Arizona.

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