Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wildflower Crown by Charlotte Cyprus

Wild has been running her whole life from a power she never asked for. Determined to fill her life with excitement and fun, she’s done everything she could to push her dark secret from her mind. When outlaws come to her with a proposition to infiltrate the castle and switch places with the princess, she immediately accepts the job. What could be more fun than being a princess? 

Daivat’s life has always been structured and orderly. He wakes every day at dawn and practices tirelessly at his knife work. His dream is to be a member of the king’s personal guard, but first he must prove himself by keeping an eye on the impostor princess while she fools visiting nobles into thinking she’s real royalty. 

As the queen struggles to keep the kingdom from war and the real princess fights to survive the outlaws, Wild and Daivat must endure each other as their personalities collide. Can Daivat bring order to Wild’s life, or will Wild turn Daivat’s life upside down?

My Review:

A total surprise by the title and the essence of this tale. The imaginative mind worked overtime here. A pace trickled to a steady stream and gushed thereafter. Certain parts of the story carried an adult situation so just be aware. The descriptive narrative blew me away, detailed it was and detailed it had to be. Why? It made this story grasp your inside and twist it when it had to and let go when you aimed to relax. Is she playing games? No one can be that naive? A pawn in their game? Wild, a name she chose, beautiful and eyes the color of ??? Desired by men, "Why are they looking at me like that?" How old am I? Four and twenty, no wait nineteen or twenty, no wait . . . "I don't know." "A grown woman who doesn't know how to act like an adult?" so said Daivat Folkvar. Weave she can, weave she does, baskets and skirts and hats, but what she truly can weave is something so strong, so deadly, something that will change the course of all things for Wild but essentially so for Daivat. Now Wild meets Daivat, handsome hunk of a guard to the royal family and devoted son and deadly with knives. His goal in life? To be a royal guard for the King. Princess Rosabel is taken and the adventure begins. Betrothed to Prince Cadmus from Blairford, a war is eminent if marriage is not. Many stupid rules, curtsy or bow which is it? Pretend she must, pretend but who? Tension permeate that caused a feeling of excitement between two people and from here the mystical magic begins. The forces were drafted with Wild's mother and something was created and let me tell you what a beautiful tale the author conjured up. One part devastated me but I won't say because I want the readers to judge this part for themselves. Did she choose right? A dilemma like no other and one I would not wish upon anyone. I was swoon, thrilled and felt the desire, but most of all I wanted so much to comfort the innocence of Wild. This author's writing style just perfect in every way, you will feel everything one should experience when you read a genre such as this. Received a free digital download for an honest review. Thank you!

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