Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Book of the Crowman (Black Dawn #2) by Joseph D'Lacey

I posted this book awhile back, I thought to repost it one I thoroughly enjoyed.

The world has been condemned. Only Gordon Black and The Crowman can redeem it.The search for the shadowy figure known only as the Crowman continues, as the Green Men prepare to rise up against the forces of the Ward.It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world.It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying.


Wow! Excellent read. “Without the teller there’s no tale” Telling and retelling, The Crowman existence. The keepers in charge of documenting the tales. Gordon Black fiercely moving through the story believing The Crowman does exist and will stand with him and the people of the land to fight for their future. Megan walks the black feathered path, she has the skills to retell the story of The Crowman right, and it’s up to her how the future turns out, is it up to her? You won’t know until you read it for yourself. Gordon Black at the age of seventeen years young but a spirit of someone much older, skilled in survival. Fighting the Wardsmen, a group taking the world by storm via technology advances. Gordon Black searches for The Crowman takes you on that journey whether fighting, killing, mean cruel and gruesome fighting. What I notice if the gruesomeness of it all wasn’t present in this story you just cannot feel what the author was trying to convey or feel. A while back I read a series by Brian S. Pratt, The Morcyth Saga.” I haven’t read another book that captured the same excitement until I read this book. I read many great books but the genre of this particular one is excellent. I got caught from the beginning to the end, all the thrills, the sadness, the horror, the madness, the lost, the action, the fighting and the tender moments and survival. This book made me feel all of it. Oh, one more thing the end was classic, perfect. No telling, read the book:) Great Book!!!!!! Won this on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway, thank you!

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